Showing Violence and Crimes should not be Allowed in Films and TV

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Violence Should Not be Shown on Television

Some people believe violent movies and games should be banned but I personally believe violent movies and games should be allowed with guidance and warnings for different ages. For example a game or a movie normally has age limits, but parents must take care that their children don’t use movies and games that are not approved to use them.

Violence on TV

Violence on TV

Some people say that playing violent games or watching violent movies cause real violence. For example, if a young person comes and kills or injures someone in school or anywhere people might think that there bad behavior is the effect of playing violent games. But the important thing is that we should n’t punish the majority because of the action of a few. Violence movies and games should not be banned and it must be regulated although I think it has already been regulated. In addition, the point is that parents can’t blame the fast food industry for their inability to raise their child to be healthy, should they ban the adverts? Nowadays, most parents blame everything else except their inabilities of being good parents for their children problems.

Obviously it is clear that everyone could present a good argument about the affects of violent games and movies on children’s brain but do you think if you ban violence movies and games, how can you show the history of dictators such as Hitler? Also, how could you explain what terrorists are? In my opinion, if we ban the violence we lose a lot of things that might have benefits for us. Banning movies and games is cleaning the problem. It is better to solve the problem and not to clean it.

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Showing Violence on TV should be banned

Finally Kids and teens use video games as recreation, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In some games they get ideas about how war is like, and some violence, like Pokemon games, are actually fantasy violence and should NOT be banned. With banning these games, video games companies might lose their jobs. In conclusion, banning violent movies and games is cleaning the problem and if governments ban it, a lot of companies will lose their jobs. Also the majority of people will lose their entertainment because of a few. In addition, for exploring the history and a lot of other beneficial things we need use violence in movies. At the end I recommend that it is better to not ban violence movies and games, only try to regulate the movies and let people decide about what they want to do.

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36 Responses to Showing Violence and Crimes should not be Allowed in Films and TV

  1. Lekhraj Sahu says:

    violence is finding its worth in the minds of young indians .why the reason is quite simple due to increasing portrayal of violence and vulgarity in films

  2. noopur singh says:

    The young minds are like clay. The minds are transformed are influenced by what they perceive they incur the scenario they see. The young brains are highly under the awe that what they see is truth of reality and it is to be learned….. so it is that violence should not be served in the movies…..

  3. Saswat Nayak says:

    Studies have been done by scientists, pediatricians, and child researchers in many countries over the last thirty years. These studies have tried to find out what it is about television violence that makes it such a big influence on the way kids act and behave.

  4. sibanjan says:

    my perception violence and crimes should not be banned from movies because movies are just for entertainment purpose in which fights and violence is necessary according to the script…… implementing those things in real life is i think that a foolish thing because every youth who watches movie have knowledge of what is wrong and what is right.,,,,,,and in case of childrens parents should not allow them for watching actions movie….but showing violence should be in limit.

  5. Gourav Kumar says:

    In my opinion, telecast of violence in electronic media is just a way to show some war or fight scene, if we delete these scenes then there would be no source of these type of entertainment.
    Also, there are lots of people who are employed in these sectors and they will loose their jobs if these telecast are banned.

  6. Sneha sinha says:

    Yes i am in favor of this topic..Nowadays television and films have become an important means of entertainment and is enjoyed by all sections of the society so showing too much violence and crimes have an adverse effect on the minds.

  7. Harshita Rathi says:

    I am not agree with this point that violence and crimes should be banned in movies rather they should be seen with a warning. A warning message should be there to aware peoples.. In fact violent games relieves ones anger and cools him down. I think its completely depends on the human mentality that in what manner he/she reacts with such condition. In case of children, parents should not allow them to watch action movies.
    So every films should have limitations in violence as well as in crime scenes.
    Thus violence and crime should not be banned,but showing it on films and television should be in limited manner.

  8. shreya sarkar says:

    I do not agree that violence and crime scenes should not be shown in films or television. If a movie is made so where these things are required to be shown then not showing them will make the movie lose its essence. People should use their own discrimination and know which movie they should allow their kids to watch. Moreover a certificate of adult universal/adult and universal is issued to movies by the board of films. So it becomes easier for the people to decide which movie they should go for and which they shouldn’t.

  9. sumit mukherjee says:

    Showing violence and crime in films or in tv is a controversial talk. Though it is hard to say that either it is good or bad. On the one hand we know about how to do a crime by the most amazing thoughts of our mind, as well as we see how to catch these nasty thoughts and punish them. So, it depends upon us that how do we treat these shows….. And about children, I believe that parents should have to decide the suitable programs for them.

  10. Shruit Priya says:

    Violence and Crimes have disastrous effects in today’s world. Every now and then we see updates in TV and other social means that in every corner of India these things are happening. I personally feel these things should not be allowed in films and TV. It may have adverse effects on the mental state of people. People should keep in mind that the viewers consists of not only adults but also children and teenagers. So the media and the world of entertainment should telecast only those updates which may not hamper any age group of society.

  11. oishi chatterjee says:

    showing violence is not a crime.Movies and Television are just the part of entertainment, its just for the viewers how he takes it.but certainly on other hand it creates negative effects on the kids. But at one part its very important that media shows only that part of the crime thats happening in our society and making us aware of the facts.

  12. Urvashi Khanduja says:

    Yes, I’m completely in favour of this topic. In this era every person even a small kid watch television and it inspired us very much. Childhood is the learning age, if they are watching such things it has a major impact on their mind. Not only kids, youths are also suffered after watching crimes in television. Youths also commits crimes after watching t.v.. It should be banned by the government for bright future of our youths and for next generation.

  13. Rohit Kumar says:

    These days showing violence and crimes are very common.Electronic media shows the reflection of our society.Showing these criminal activities changes the character of people specially children.Media is changing the character of people and it is affecting people’s nature.It is really great problem and it should be banned as much as possible.

  14. Amit Kumar says:

    I would like to go out of trend here. See guys, movies are just for our entertainment. Its content, cast, screenplay, all are for our entertainment. Now, if you are adopting something from movies other than the style statements and designer clothes, then it just shows you have a WEAK personality and fundamentals. That is why your inner self is forcing you to adopt all those things.
    Rather, film making is somewhere related to what we call CREATIVITY. If you will restrict it with these sort of boundations, then its only gonna lower down the level of art of creation.

  15. diya mukherjee says:

    films are the reflection of a society.most of our movies are nowadays based on today’s lifestyle. usually youngsters take up the negative part of the movie implement them in their lives leading to destruction and almost ignores the positive part of the movies. this has led to gradual invrease in crime among youngsters. so violence and crimes should not be shown in movies. but banning would not help. movies should be a tool to motivate youngsters to create a better society not by voilence but by satyagrah followed by gandhiji or by positive means to create a healthy evviromnent to live in.

  16. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    i disagree with the fact that showing violence should be banned in films. films are made to entertain us and it depends on a person how he or she chooses his means of entertainment. and being violent or not depends totally on the nature and upbringing of a person. we cant blame the films/TV for it. The discretion of the broadcasters is clearly seen when they give the disclaimer messages stating as to which audience is the particular films/programs are suitable for. So if the parents are concerned about their children learning a wrong lesson they themselves should be more careful as to what they are letting them watch, their guidance is necessary. banning anything isn’t a solution, a person’s sense of discretion & responsibility is what counts.

  17. Vipin Sahu says:

    I think call violence and crime basic theme will be wrong because today movie doesn’t get hit by crime or violence scene ,but by the story line and lot of other factors.We can take the example of LAGAAN,TAARE ZAMEEN PAR etc. But their lots of movies where violence and crime scene are required ,as we cannot reflect society problems by not showing violence.As it is the requirement of these movies.So rather than banning these scenes from movies ,we can give moral in every movie so that children can learn from it.

  18. Manisha Chawla says:

    This is really true that we people inspire ourselves from television and movies a lot.So showing violence and crimes in TV serials and movies directly impacting us. Many criminals get the idea of Bomb blasts,Robbery,Murder etc. from these movies and all.Ban on these kind of movies or serials may help to avoid these activities upto certain extent.

  19. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    Well in my point of view it was not right to banned violence movies and games because parents plays a vital role in our life so the will take care of there child that what they watch and what they are playing so it is not a controversial topic. The only think we can do is that watch our younger champs and that company which make that movies and games they have to do is warning that it only for 18+ it means its for adult so we can easily care of it.

  20. sanjana kumari says:

    Nowadays people having their jobs or connection in the world of Entertainment are becoming money minded as all they need is lots of profit whether it be in form of TRP of their serials or to make their movies blockbuster hits…For this the directors, producers and other people associated with the concern media project do not hesitate in showing various horrible scenes of crime and violence without considering the fact that the movies or serials being presented by them are also being viewed by children and other people who may be weak at heart and may have harmful effects on their health and mental state… I strongly recommend people to read this article for details about this topic…

  21. Kriti Das says:

    Films are the mirror of society we live in and vice versa.Thus the violence element cannot be done away with totally,but yes censorship in need of the hour.We definitely don’t want the next generations to grow on on regular dose of violence in movies or other shows.Authorities concerned must take a call on how much of this is ok to be viewed as regular stuff.

  22. ARPIT TARAN says:

    In my opinion violence and crime type of games & movies should not to be banned. It’s all in the state of mind, what you want to do or what not to do. So banning these kind of games and movies would change nothing rather than all these things must have a certain age limit and to watch and played in the limit. These are for entertainment purposes, so keep it clear.

  23. Akash Tripathi says:

    I am in support with the passage that these games should not be banned. As to me its not the violence in games is the reason for the unusual violent acts of teens , its the mentality by which we are in view with the topic. The atmosphere n surroundings , according to me, are the main aspects affecting behaviour of teens.

  24. Gourav Jain says:

    well from my point of view violence and crimes in movies are not the reason behind a persons mind bent towards crimes in our country. It depends on the persons mentalility and his surroundings. In fact violent games helps to reduce the aggressiveness of a person and keep him at ease.

  25. Gourav Jain says:

    From my point of view movies predicting crime and violence are not the reasons for a person mind bend towards crime. In fact violent games relieves ones anger and cools him down. Hence its your mentality and mind set how one reacts to these movies.

  26. Jishnu Sen says:

    Violence has given a whole new meaning to the world of gaming and entertainment. Computer games and multiplexes are on the rise and so the new generation is also keeping in pace with it. Previously violence was there to show that the good always win over the devil. it was only on screen where people saw heroes were hitting the villains to defeat them in order to save himself or save someone else. But the generation has moved on since then. Today we get many computer games where we have to play and defeat the opponent by killing them. We always love the bloodshed which is the end result in the games. We are so willing to win that we are ready to kill everyone in the game. These games are very attractive to the young minds and not to mention elder minds too in few cases. But the problem lies in the application of these violent moves in our or their real lives. We do not think before we act. We are keen to prove that we are stronger than our opponent and hence trying to dominant others which results in a fight if anyone opposes to the dominance. Even in movies the concept has changed drastically. Criminal and violent movies are increasing day by day. We are exhausted from our day to day work and once in a week if we are seeing violence or an intellectual crime movie we are entertained by that. But few audiences take the movies very seriously and again the common people are the victims. If the crimes and the violence are chopped of then we are deprived of it because of a few percentage of audience but then again if it is not cropped then the society cannot get any better. Instead of pointing fingers to others we must control ourselves and become a human being first and parents should take care of it very sensitively and properly without provoking about the matter.

  27. Pallavi sinha says:

    Well i think it should be allowed in India as majority enjoy violent scenes.In India there are rules to categorize movies and tv serials those are having violent scenes are mostly telecast after 11 p.m. not in prime time.Many of us watch movies and serials because of violent scenes in it as it is a grt source of entertainment.It is the responsibility of parents that they keep their eye on childrens as violent scenes can affect their innocent mind n personality but adults are mature enough to judge and responsible for their steps.

  28. Priyanka Sarkar says:

    I think showing violence and Crime in tv is not responsible for terrorism.Actually in Tv which is showed that is the reality.So this is not responsible for crime and violence.So I think it is not possible to change people`s mind for stopping the violence and crime.Actually it is not the solution for banning the violence and crime.But we have to careful in this matter that boys and girls who are below 18 should not watch adult films or any mind attacking movies.So in this matter parents should be very carefull with their children.

  29. Nilay Mazumder says:

    To a certain extent it does influence it. Because young people are prone to influence and violence on television is no exception. Although we cannot blame everything on television, it certainly plays an important part in shaping their conscience.

    In some cases, young people think that they emulate their movie heroes or that they are recreating their roles in a television show. They do not realize that this is fiction and reality is something completely different. On television everything is shown in a stylish, directed way. They forget that it is all acting.

    However, there are many examples of violence and crime that are depicted in a good and positive way. So, naturally, as young as they are, they think that they can transfer it in real life. But, this is a rude awakening. It has consequences and they are not aware of that fact. So, television is partly to blame, but not entirely. Young people certainly know the difference from right and wrong. I am sure they know what can be done and what cannot.

    When they decide to commit a crime, they must have their own, personal, complicated reasons for that. Youth plays a part in this also but it is also only partly to blame. So, I think this problem solely should be in the consideration of censor with modern thinkings!!

  30. Priyanka Baidya says:

    Violence and crime should not be banned form film and tv, because movies and serials are just for entertainment purpose.
    In films and tv fights and violence are essential according to script.
    Anyone should not implement those things in real life,because everyone of us knows what is wrong and what is right.
    In case of childrens parents should not allow them to watch action movies.
    So every films should have limitations in violence scenes.
    So violence and crime should not be banned,but showing it on films and tv should be in limited manner.

  31. Chandreyee Ghosh says:

    Yes. It is true that the violent movies and games are not completely responsible for the real violence. It is entirely a virtual world and we can not compare it with real one. But the children really need parental guidance , otherwise it can affect them very badly .
    But still we can not ignore one thing that the violence of the movies and games also can be partly dangerous for adults . Those things can exist in our subconscious mind and can also effect our activities. So we, the viewer have to be very sensitive and logical to avoid the effects of violence in our real life.

  32. Chaitali Mallick says:

    Watching violent movies is not the only reason for all the crimes and violence but it is one of the reason for the crime and violence. But doing the movies ban can not be the solve.. parents should restrict their children to watch the violent movies or games. .

  33. Piyali Chattaraj says:

    Banning the violent movies and games can change the people to do the worst job???NO its never possible.Before the adult age the parents should be careful their children are not watching this.In movies its is important to show violence if needed to make it realistic and to make it popular.But it should have a limit.In any movie or game crosses the limit then it should be banned.

  34. Aditya Kundan says:

    It’s unfair to entirely pass the buck on movies or television for depicting violence and crimes.It is the demand of the subject and the director has to introduce it as to make the plot appear realistic.There have been movies on patriotism and some epics like Mahabharat and Ramayan where you cannot do justice with the stories sans violence.It is the mindset of people that need to be changed to assimilate with the new environment.
    Obviously,excessiveness of anything can’t be entertained, and so there is censor board to keep the check on such proceedings.If it is found that it may hamper the tranquility of society, the censor board immediately snips such scenes.We see children being moulded on what they are fed,not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.Their tastes are built by what they are exposed to.Superficial forms of entertainment are always quickly digested,just like junk food.A healthy,balanced diet of wholesome entertainment is the need of the hour.

  35. Abhinav Shrivastava says:

    Yes….. I completly agree with this….all the movies and action game shuold be allowed as per the different age limit….i think this will play an important role for the non-voilence atmoshphere.

  36. akanksha chaturvedi says:

    yes ! it is similar to the movies we see.Every movie is given a different certificate so censorship of crime scenes is not the solution rather people should be sensitized!

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