Syllabus for VITEEE for Engineering and Eligibility Criteria

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VITEEE is an online Engineering Entrance Exam that is conducted for the admission in various B.Tech degree courses offered VIT University. Its an National level Entrance exam where students have to face tough competition to save their seat at Schools of Study at VIT. This post includes VITEEE syllabus for engineering entrance exam including latest paper pattern, eligibility criteria and sets of VITEEE sample papers to help students for proper guidance in order to perform well in their exam.


  • Any student with a minimum aggregate of 60% in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are eligible to appear in the entrance exam.
    Syllabus for VITEEE for Engineering and Eligibility Criteria

    VITEEE Syllabus

  • Those students who qualify the VITEEE are called up for the counseling to take admission to various Schools of Engineering as per their interest.

VITEEE Paper pattern:

The paper pattern for engineering consists of three subjects namely, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics each of containing 40 questions for an equal duration of 50 min each. Paper format of VITEEE is given below:


Total No. of Questions

Time Duration

PART-I – Physics


50 min

PART-II – Chemistry


50 min

PART-III – Mathematics


50 min

Syllabus for VITEEE for Engineering

Part-1 VITEEE Syllabus for Mathematics:

Topic-1: Applications of Matrices and Determinants
Topic-2: Complex Numbers
Topic-3: Analytical Geometry of two dimensions
Topic-4: Vector Algebra
Topic-5: Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions
Topic-6: Differential Calculus
Topic-7: Differential Equations
Topic-8: Integral Calculus and its Applications
Topic-9: Probability Distributions
Topic-10: Discrete Mathematics

Download detailed VITEEE Syllabus for Mathematics in pdf format

Part-2 VITEEE Syllabus for Physics:

Topic-1:  Electrostatics
Topic- 2: Current Electricity
opic-3:  Effects of Electric Current
Topic-4: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
Topic-5: Nuclear Physics
Topic-6: Semiconductor Devices and their Applications
Topic-7: Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
Topic-8: Electromagnetic Waves and Wave Optics
Topic-9: Atomic Physics

Download detailed Syllabus for Physics in pdf format

Part-3 VITEEE Syllabus for Chemistry:

Topic-1: Atomic Structure
Topic-2: p, d and f – Block Elements
Topic-3: Coordination Chemistry and Solid State Chemistry
Topic-4: Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics
Topic-5: Electrochemistry
Topic-6: Organic Nitrogen Compounds
Topic-7: Isomerism in Organic Compounds
Topic-8: Biomolecules
Topic-9: Alcohols and Ethers
Topic-10: Carbonyl Compounds
Topic-11: Carboxylic Acids and their derivatives

Download detailed VITEEE Syllabus for Chemistry in pdf format

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