Books for UPSC Mains of Political Science optional

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best book for upsc political science


Books for UPSC Mains of Political Science optional

Books are Real friends. May it be college, schools or any government job Preparation. If you talk about UPSC, Reading book should be your daily habits. Trust me, if you ignore this you will not be getting good marks in UPSC.

You know what, the good Reader is the good bureaucrat.


Why Political Science Books and Subject

Political science basically teaches you the arrangements with the system of government and the investigation of political action and political behavior.

Aristotle characterized it as the investigation of the state. It bargains widely with the hypothesis and practice of governmental issues, and the examination of political frameworks, political conduct, and political society.

Political researchers “see themselves occupied with uncovering the connections basic political occasions and conditions, and from these disclosures, they endeavor to build general standards about the way the universe of legislative issues meets expectations.


Reference Books for UPSC mains Politicalcal Science as Optional Subject


 1. ND Arora POlitical science Book


political-science-200x200-imadffm4fvfgvvesThis academic gives a broad perspective of all the essential speculations, issues, ideas, thoughts and beliefs identified with the constantly changing subject of political thought and science.

This Political Science book is taken by many UPSC aspirants. It has covered the ideas, of thinker in a very unique way.

So, you can consider this book for IAS preparation. The Language used, in this book is easy to go.

Publisher:Tata Mc Graw Hill Education pvt. ltd

Price In India:Rs 549


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2. Pratiyogita Darpan


pratiyogita-darpan-extra-issue-series-22-optional-subject-200x200-imadvgmgzhjjv9juPratiyogita Darpan is the best Book for GK, GS and Current affairs. It comes on a yearly basis. So, we recommend is to alwas buy the fresh newly edited book. It covers all the aspect from rulal to urban in its content.

All the content of pratiyogita darpan is refreshed on year to year Basis.

The book is editors choice and suggested by the toppers of the UPSC mains exam.

Pratiyogita darpan is the Well known book from Years. May it be ssc cgl, ias, IB or any government Exam. people do consider.

This book is being treated as the bible for IAS aspirants. our education suggests this book on the priority scale.

Publisher: Pratiyogita Darpan


Price In India: Rs 145


3. Plato to Mars

a-history-of-political-thought-plato-to-marx-200x200-imadhg4fyfghshwjThis clearly composed content, in its second release, keeps on giving a thorough investigation of the established political custom from Plato to Marx.

The book clarifies the intriguing advancement of the historical backdrop of political thoughts, through the works of thirteen key political masterminds


Publisher:PHI Learning

Price In India: Rs 350


4, Politics in India

the-oxford-companion-to-politics-in-india-200x200-imad96fbggzdhwzhThis soft cover release with another Preface is exceptionally outlined and valued for the understudy market.

The thirty-eight expositions give each critical point in the investigation of Indian governmental issues by eminen

Publisher:  Oxford University Press

Price In India: Rs 495



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5. Contemporary India – A book for Political Science


contemporary-india-economy-society-politics-200x200-imadbn5nww2pmj4hEdited by Neera Chandhoke and Praveen Priyadarshi, Contemporary India locations issues confronting the country state and common society from assorted points of view: those of political science, humanism etc

Publisher: Pearson India

Price In India: Rs 291


 6. UGC NET Arihant Publication Book – Political Science

ugc-net-set-jrf-ls-political-science-paper-2-3-200x200-imadr6ygz9arbaxfThe book deals with the study of Political Science and covers the entire UPSC Mains syllabus that can be asked in UPSC Mains exam.

The book is editors choice and helps you during your revision time or exam time.

Political  Science Topics in this book is widely explained on all UGT NET topic coverage. But if you use this book for UPSC POlitical science, you answer framing in the mains examination will be quite different from the normal people.

You will stand out of the Crowd.

Publisher: Arihant Publications

Price In India: Rs 475


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