CISA gives a recognition to your auditing skill

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CISA certification affirms about the possession of a baseline set of auditing skills. For receiving this certification candidates have to pass an examination that includes the topics related to IT controls, audit and risk management. This certification is recognized globally as a big asset in the IT sphere. The credentials gives a good flight to the profession stature by validating the prove skills and expertise. This certification is very helpful for those who want to build a career in the IT auditing field. Moreover the certification gives a ticket to move into the best organizations all over the globe.




Validating your auditing skill

Teaching and validating a set of skills in a specific field is required in these days. Moreover if the validation is provided by an institute which is globally accepted by all the organization then it will be much more beneficial. CISA certification is pertinent certification which is the best for the students who are aspiring to be a part of the elite team of Certified Information System Auditors. CISA professionals get a skillful reputation in the field of auditing, monitoring, controlling and the assessment of the information technology and business system of the organization.  This certification gives a global acceptance and validation in the standard of achievement IS audit and also in the control and security professions.


CISA Exam Domain:-



CISA exams are conducted only three months in a year. That is in the month of June, September and in December. Total duration of this exam is four hours. This exam consists of total 200 questions which are of multiple choice types. Moreover the format of the question uses the rule of one correct answer per question. Each of the questions has a predetermined value according to its type. You have to get 450 marks for passing this exam and maximum score is fixed as 800. Some of the questions are for statistical purposes and they are being set in such a way so that it doesn’t affect the score of the candidates.

Various educational institutes review the CISA courses across the globe. Students go through CISA review manuals in the five domains which are discussed as follows:-

1. First Domain is for the process of auditing the information systems.

2. Second domain is for governing and management of IT.

3. Third domain is of the acquisition of information systems and also the development and implementation.

4. Domain four consists of two modules of Information system operation and the maintenance and support

5. Fifth domain is for the protection of information assets.


To know more you can download the pdf file CISA

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