Questions and Answers on IOS and Security Device Manager

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IOS,  Internetwork Operating System is one of the most important operating system that runs on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. It is developed and distributed by apple. Direct manipulation is used for user interface in IOS. Security device management or SDM increases the productivity of network manager. Through this post, you will get some Important Networking Interview  Questions and Answers  explaining various terms used in  which will help for examination and interviews preparation for Computer Science Students.

Internetwork Operating System Question and Answers

1. What is the Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM)?

 IOS and Security Device Manager

IOS Development

Answer: Cisco Security Device Manager is an easy, internet-based device-management tool for Cisco IOS Software-based routers. It simplifies security and router configuration through smart wizards, which help customers quickly and easily configure ,deploy,  and monitor Cisco Systems router not having the knowledge of the Cisco IOS Software command-line interface,

2. Does Cisco SDM reflect the changes made by the CLI or other Cisco SDM sessions?

Answer:  It is designed for allowing users to configure the router with both the CLI Cisco SDM. When Cisco SDM is get launched, it is capable to reads the existing configuration and presents the features that it supports as available for changes in configuration through the UI. Other aspects of the configuration that Cisco SDM can not understand are saved but they are not configurable by the UI.

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3. Can Cisco SDM be used by multiple users on the same router at the same time?

Answer:  A common scenario for Cisco SDM is to have one or more users who always monitors the router concurrently and simultaneously another user can use Cisco SDM for modifying the router configuration router.It is not recommended for using multiple users Cisco SDM to modify the configuration at the same time. Although Cisco SDM allows this scenario, but it does not assure consistent results.

4.write the set up of DHCP.

Answer:  we can set up our router as a DHCP server ,which is common in SOHO settings, Cisco supports a full DHCP server implementation, which allows the router to assign the following addressing information to a client: a subnet mark ,an IP address, a DNS domain name ,a default gateway address,up to 2 WINS server address and the length of the lease on the IP address.

5. Can Cisco SDM be used to configure a router with an IP basic Cisco IOS image, e.g. without Firewall or VPN feature set?

Answer:  Yes, we can use Cisco SDM for configuring other available features such as WAN and LAN interfaces, access lists, routing protocols,and QoS Policies. if a certain feature is unavailable, such as a VPN or firewall , Cisco SDM  does not enables the UI pages for that feature.

6. Where are the configuration changes made by Cisco SDM stored?

Answer:  When a wizard is successfully finished and are applied in Cisco SDM Configuration changes are delivered to the router automatically configuration pages. The running of router configuration is being modified, and optionally the router’s startup configuration is modified. we can also choose to preserve the configuration file to your PC using the Save Running Configuration to PC option.

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7. What files are required for Cisco SDM’s Reset to Factory Default feature to work?

Answer: The current start up configuration with a factory or default configuration is replaced by Cisco SDM  and after that router is reloaded. The default configuration files are included in the Cisco SDM image in the Flash memory with the names and sdmconfig-xxxx.cfg, where the xxxx string defines the relevant router platform.

8. How do I know if the configuration on my router conforms to Cisco network security recommendations?

Answer:  Cisco SDM gives a security audit feature. When invoked, it’s Security Audit checks your router configuration against a list of Cisco recommended settings, and presents you with a report card. This report card informs you about potential security problems identified.You can then instruct Cisco SDM which problem to fix, and Cisco SDM then corrects the problems for you.

9. How do Cisco SDM and CiscoWorks VPN/Security Management Solution (VMS) relate to each other?

Answer:  CiscoWorks VMS offers an enterprise-class, centralized management solution for Cisco IOS Software routers and Cisco security appliances. Cisco SDM complements NOC-based centralized management tools such as the Cisco ISC by aiding the deployment of WAN, VLAN, and security features at the device level.

10. How do Cisco SDM and Cisco QoS Device Manager (QDM) relate to each other?

Answer: Cisco QoS Device Manager was a web-based application for configuring QoS Policies on some select models of Cisco Routers. Cisco QDMhas now been End of Life and is not longer available. Cisco SDM now supports configuration of QoS policies on router interfaces and VPN tunnels. To the addition Cisco SDM helps monitoring of QoS policies using NBAR based application traffic analysis and protocol discovery.

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