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 Samsung Interview Questions and Answers

Samsung on of largest Consumer electronics company of world with over 4 Lakh employees globaly is a South Korean company which was established in 1938 by Lee byun chull. Although today Samsung is in other sectors like Apparells & Insurance as well but Samsung is Primarily known as consumer electronics company Globally. This group is Notable Samsung industrial subsidiaries include Samsung Electronics, Samsung Heavy Industries , Samsung Engineering and Samsung C&T.

For JOB at Samsung, Samsung Conducts GSAT i.e Global Samsung Aptitude Test and students clearing are called for Interview. Let have a look at this introductory video of Samsung.

Interview at Samsung is divided in two parts-

1. Samsung Technical Interview Questions-

Ques 1) Out of the following which supports error checking and error correction in data link layer,

a) 802.2 LLC 
b) 802.3 CSMA/CD 
c) 802.4 Token Bus 
d) 802.5 Token Ring

Ans) a (802.2 LLC )

Ques 2)How many bits of IP address are required to make 8 subnets

a) 1 
b) 2 
c) 3 
d) 4

Ans: 4 (as 000 and 111 0f 3 bits are not valid subnets so take 4 bits)

Ques 3) Which statement were incorrect regarding multicast and broadcast options.

Ans: Regarding whether NIC checks the multicast address or CPU.

Ques 4) Network equipments make hierarchy in which topology?

a) bus 
b) star 
c) ring 
d) tree 

Ans: d Tree (checkout)

Ques 5) Which of the following is not CDMA technology.

a) DS-FH (Discrete spectrum-freq hoping) 
b) DS_FT 

Ans: d (TDMA-FS)

Ques 6) Determine network ID of Classful IP address

a) 192
b) 192.42
c) 192.42.14

Ans: c ( class c )

Ques 7) What is the advantage of ADSL(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) over modem.

Ans: it has normal uplink band width but higher down link bandwidth.

Ques 8) Why DSL is faster than normal modem ?

Ques 9) Minimum  sampling freq for 20-20kHz analog signal is

a) 20khz
b) 40khz
c) 44.1khz
d) 20hz

Ans: b (40khz)

Ques 10) Advantages of digital over analog signal:

a) noise immunity
b) data security and integrity
c) efficient transmission
d) all of the above

Ans: d (all of the above)

Ques 11) MPEG stands for

Ans: Moving Picture Experts Group

Ques 12) why channel coding is done

a) to secure data
b) to maintain integrity of data
c) effective transmission of data
d) all of above

Ans: c (effective transmission of data)

Ques 13) Question on error resilient and sustain to burst which is

a) solomon code 
b) cyclic 
c) gray 
d) huffman

Ans) a (solomon code)

Ques 14)
printf(I=%d i=%d”,++i,++i)

Ans: vary compiler to compiler

Ques 16)
{ unsigned char i=0x80;

Ans: 256

Ques 15)
~B ;

Ans: 0xFFFF

Ques 16)
Func(int a, intb)
int a;
return a;
} will there be any error

Ans) No error

Ques 17) In 1.5 fixed format how is -1 represented

a) 0xFFFF 
b) 0xF000 
c) 0x8000 
d) 0x0001

Ans: a

Ques 18)
#define Sqr(b) b*b;
main( )
int i=3;

Ans: 11

Ques 19)
Char c=,a,;

Printf(“%d %d”, sizeof(c),sizeof(,a,));

a) 1 1
b) 2 2
c) 2 1
d) 1 4

Ans: 11

HR Interview questions at SAMSUNG-

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. What are your strength and weakness?

3. Why should I hire you?

4. What was your final year project?

5. What is your favorite subject?

6. Are you willing to relocate?

7. Can you work under pressure?

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  1. Athul says:

    +2 computer science
    Diploma electronics production technology

  2. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    As technology upgrades, the electronic devices become complicated. Samsung is one of the biggest electronic company in the word. And the updated gadgets launched by Samsung create a craze in our world. So, its always a dream for the people or the candidates to be a part of that company. The question answers given above a reflection of their recruitment process. So, i suggest everybody those who want to be a part of that company please once go through it.

  3. Seema Mishra says:

    The digital age has brought revolutionary change – and opportunity – to global business, and Samsung has responded with advanced technologies, competitive products, and constant innovation.
    Samsung Electronics’ vision for the new decade is, “Inspire the World, Create the Future.”Students those who are preparing for interview session in samsung can go through this article.Reading this and solving the paper,will be very helpful for them……

  4. aratrika sengupta says:

    Samsung, the company to offer the highest package in India this year (approx 80 lpa ) is one of leading brand turning the world upside down. So,if you want your dream come true you definitely can buck yourself from here.

  5. Gourav Kumar says:

    SAMSUNG is one of the best companies in the electronics industry, they are leading in manufacture of android smartphones, televisions and digital appliances. Getting a job in this company is like a dream for engineering students and this article has a sample paper of the written test with solutions in the recruitment process., students will get to understand the question pattern after solving this paper.

  6. Rashmi Rani says:

    “SAMSUNG”- one of the leading brands in the field of electronics. Every one must have heard its name and especially those who are electronics graduate. They must have a dream to work with this company but before that we need to crack its exam. If you don’t have any idea of it’s question pattern then go through this article and prepare yourself for the interview..

  7. diya mukherjee says:

    samsung is the leading company in the fiels of electronic gadgets like mobile phones,television etc… this interview question will help you to prepare and crack the interview

  8. Shilpa Ranjan says:

    some of the very technical questions asked during the interview of Samsung. Going through the article will be helpful for an add to your knowledge and also if you are preparing for electronic companies then you might get questions like this and this can be helpful. so go through this !!

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