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Ethical Hacking and Ethical Hackers are the terms that describes the hacking done to provide help to an organisation or a company on a system or a network. An Ethical Hacker is usually employed by an organisation to take necessary measures to protect the data of the organisation from unauthorized access and penetration of network. The organisation uses what an Ethical Hacker finds to make the network more secure in an effort of minimizing the efforts.

To be an Ethical Hacker one has to take Ethical Hacking training and be certified with a certificate affiliated of EC-Council Ethical Hacking Certificate. Many institutes provide training to be an Ethical Hacker. In India there are several institutes which provides you training of being an ethical Hacker. Some are short term courses and others are long term certified courses. The different Training courses of Ethical Hacking are:

CEH 8.0,

Computer Forensics,

Network Penetration,

Network Administration,

Firewall Administration, and many more

Every training has different modules of different training duration. And have different fees structures. These all are the Ethical Hacking training courses.

CEH 8.0:




Certified Ethical Hacking 8.0 is a collection of 20 Modules which are taught under this certification that contains:

Introduction, Footprinting, Scanning Network, System Hacking, Backdoors, Viruses, Sniffing, Session  Hijacking, SQL Injections, Cryptography, Penetration Testing and many more. The total fees of this course id around Rs. 40,000/-  which include all the study materials like books, dvd’s, etc and the fees of examination also.

Computer Forensics:

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics


Computer forensic is the collection, preservation, analysis, identification and presentation of computer related evidence that can be useful in criminal cases .This is done for the purpose of facilitation or furthering the reconstruction of events found to be criminal. 

To take this training one should have the basic knowledge of computers and internet. Computer Forensics is one of the growing field as profession. This is rising with the increasing number of crimes and frauds. This is an advance level training. Fees of this course is around Rs. 12,000/-.


Network Penetration:

Network Penetration is a short term training course which consist of 8 modules. It is a simulation of a real world hacking. It is done by a hacker who have no knowledge of remote environment.

This helps the organisation to protect its data from being accessed and altered by the hacker.So that they can not completely steal there values and erase the data. The fees of this course is around Rs. 15,000/-.

Network Administration:

This training comprises of three certificates i.e. CCNA, CCNP and MPLS. But the most common certification out of all three is CCNA(CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATE). CCNA is the most effective study to have the depth knowledge of networking.

The training consist of around 15 modules which are taught to a trainee so that he/she can have a depth knowledge of the networking and can use latter for the benefit of any organisation. The fees of this course id around Rs. 10,000/-.

There are many more training certifications which are provided in different institutes.

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