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Who are project managers?

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Project manager is also known as the person who takes the ultimate responsibility and who guarantees for the desired result after the completion of the project. Moreover a project manager needs to coordinate a project from initiation to completion. In the PMI training for project management specific skills are taught for the project manager post which includes the tactics of using the resources in an effective way so that the project gets completed easily with those resources. Moreover the main effective skill which a project manager must possess is leadership as many failing projects are passed with the skills and leadership of good leaders.

About PMP and Project managers

Project management professional exam is based on the skills of managing the entire project. It consists of concepts on planning,organizing, directing, controlling, executing and completing the project.The risk factors which occurs due to communication gap between clients and the organization is so high due to which the project could get failed. So that is why project managers are very important in this situation to handle this problem.


Team requirements fulfilled by project managers

Team requirements fulfilled by project managers

Team requirements are also considered by the project managers. The tasks for team needs are:-

1. Secondary leaders are appointed by the project mangers

2. Main work of team leader is to uphold and build the team spirit.

3. He/she sets the standards for the projects and maintains this regulation.

4. Training for improving the quality of the products and performance enhancement is being given by project managers.

5. Facilitates the system which mainly sets up the system. This is good for the communication with the team.

6. It mainly develops the working methods which are used for crafting the cohesiveness of the team functions.


Extended responsibilities of a project manager:-

Responsibilities of Project managers

Responsibilities of Project managers

The tasks of a project manager before the start of the project are defining the responsibility for each and every element of the project. This task is very much important because collaborating firms, companies or organization might need this.

Assumptions which are made before the start of the project must be documented. These tasks are well defined and taught in the PMP certification.

Changes of the system must have impacts on the project. So these conditions are to be included in handling the projects.

In any project legal problem may arise. For that a project manager must have the legal knowledge and also the scope of legal knowledge in their running project.

Budget risk management is an important part to handle in any project. So the project manager must have the financial familiarity for the budget risk management.
A project manager must have high communication skills with perfect negotiating abilities.


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