Best Ethical hacking books available in India

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Hacking– A word to attract many, maybe because of different intentions but it does. The concept of hacking itself is captivating. Its like having a super power in the world of computers. But can this interesting thing often thought of as a bad approach towards studies, lead to a good career???

The answer is yes. Ethical hacking can lead you to a fabulous career. Ethical hacking is basically a process of helping an organization to find their weak points or loop holes. The ethical hacker gets through the organizational personal website to search for the cracks or points to strengthen so that it could be protected from the other hackers outside with a grim motive of destroying the organizations status.Thus, it is clear that ethical hackers are an important part of an organization. Even then, people criticize  Ethical hacking, they do so because they believe that hackers can never be Ethical. But then Ethical hackers have to follow some strict rules to go about hacking.

Thus, it is a great career opportunity. So, one needs to prepare well, thus for the help of aspirants of Ethical hacking, here are some of the best ethical hacking books available in India.

Hacking Exposed 7: Network security secrets and solutions 7th Edition

hacking exposed 7

hacking exposed 7

A 768 pages books essential and advised for any student who wants too learn about the issues and solutions to network security. A very important book for the people learning hacking as they need to have strong knowledge about network security. This is one of the best ethical hacking books.


Publisher: MC-Grawhill Education India ltd.

Print Price: 850

Discounted Price: 648(23% discount) available at flipcart.


The Grey Hat Hacking: The Ethical hackers handbook 3rd Edition

grey hat hacking

grey hat hacking

This book provides the way and solution to break into a network and check the security solutions to provide feedback. It also contains the recent vulnerabilities, remedies to them and the disclosure methods. the book concentrates on the flaws in Windows and Linux systems.  A good ethical hacking books.

Author: Allen Harper

Publisher: Tata MC-Grawhill Education Ltd.

Print Price: 825

Discounted price: 650(21% discount) available at flipcart.


CEH- Official Certified Ethical hacker review guide 1st Edition

CEH Official

CEH Official

The above book is a official book for learning the tricks and techniques of ethical hacking. The book provides a detailed explanation of the hacking procedure and also provides the different security threats and legal disclosures. The book comes with a CD that contains extra matter for any motivated aspirant. An inspiring and guiding ethical hacking books.

Author: Kimberley Graves

Publisher: Wiley India Pvt. Ltd.

Print Price: 399

Discounted Price: 344(14% discount) available at flipcart.


How to Unblock Everything on internet 1st Edition

How to unblock anything

How to unblock

This book by Ankit Fadia concentrates on the part of hacking normal and small websites. For example if you are denied access to social networking sites any where. This is the best of the ethical hacking books to pick. It will provide you good concept of basics of Ethical Hacking.

Author: Ankit Fadia

Publisher: Vikash publishing house pvt. ltd.

Print price: 1060

Discounted Price: 742(30% discount) available at flipcart


The CEH prep guide: The comprehensive guide to certified ethical hacking 1st Edition:

CEH Prep Guide

CEH Prep Guide

The book covers all the basic and important parts to cover the examination and for ethical hacking professionals. They are: Ethics, legality, foot printing, etc.

Author: Russell Dean Vines

Publisher: Wiley India Pvt. Ltd.

Print price: 599

Discounted price: 500(16% Discount) available at flipcart


These are some of the good ethical hacking books. Now, a lot depends on the liking of the person and his coding ability. But then also these book will provide you the right information.

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