Ethical Hacking coaching centers in Ernakulam

Top Ethical hacking Coaching Institutes in Ernakulam

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For proper preparation you need to join a good coaching institute. The article provide you with a list of Top Ethical hacking Coaching Institutes in Ernakulam ETHICAL HACKING

About the Course..

The  (CEH) Certified Ethical Hacker is a professional hacking course held by the International Council for E commerce consultants.

An ethical hacker is generally  employed by an organization who has trust on the person who attempt to penetrate networks and  the computer systems as well, using the same tricks as that of an hacker , with aim of finding and fixing computer security threats. Unauthorized hacking (i.e., gaining access to computer systems without prior authorization from the owner) is a  cyber crime in many countries, but penetration testing done by request granted by the owner of the victim or network(s) does not come under cyber crime.

A Certified Ethical Hacker owns a certification in how to look for the threats and vulnerabilities in targeted systems and uses the same information and tools as a hacker.

The code  given for the CEH exam is 312-50.

The EC-Council offers another certification, called  Certified Network Defense Architect (C|NDA). The certification is developed  for United states government Agencies, and is available only to members of a few agencies. Other than the name, the content of the course is exactly the same as CEH exam. The exam code for C|NDA is 312-99.

What is Ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking and ethical hacker are the two  terms that describes hacking actions  performed to help a organization or individual  to identify potential threats on the computer system  or network. An ethical hacker attempts to hack their way past the system security, finding any threat  in the security that could be exploited by other hackers. The company uses what the ethical hacker finds to enhance the system security, in an effort to minimize, if not eliminate, any potential hacker attacks.

An ethical hacker must obey the following rules:

  1. Has  permission to probe the network and make attempts to identify potential security risks. It is suggested  that if you are the concerned person who performs  the tests that you get written consent.
  2. Should respect the individual’s or organizations privacy and only go looking for security threat
  3. Should report all security threats you detect to the organization not leaving anything open for you or someone else to come in at a later time.
  4. Should let the software developer or hardware manufacturer know of any security threats you find in their software or hardware if not already known to the organization.

The term “ethical hacker” holds criticism at times from those who say that there is no such term  as an “ethical” hacker. Hacking is hacking, despite the fact  how you look at it and those who do the hacking are commonly referred to as cyber criminals. However, the work that ethical hackers do for organizations has helped enhance system security and can be said to be quite successful.

The exam costs about $500 to take and comprises of 125 multiple-choice questions in version 8  and 150 questions in version 7.

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Here is a list of some of the Top Ethical hacking Coaching Institutes in Ernakulam:

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About city:

ERNAKULAM is placed in the eastern, mainland portion of the two cities of Eranakulam and Kochi  in Kerala . The city is the most urban part of Kochi and has given  its name to the Ernakulam district.  Ernakulam is  the commercial capital of the state of Kerala.The city is the central hub for all the coaching institute in Kerala and has many coaching institute  as the follows:



1)Autamn Technologies, Panampilly Nagar

  •  Phone/Mobile 9995105989
  •  Address/Locality White Tower, SA Road,
    Panapamily nagar Cochin -682001 
  •  Contact Person Venunath
  •  Email
  •  Working Hours Monday – Saturday: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Courses:  Ethical hacker trainning

2) SVR Technologies


SVR Technologies

  • Phone/Mobile: 9885022027
  •  Address/Locality Cochin, Cochin – 682001
  •  Email
  •  Website
  • Courses: Ethical Hacker Training, SAN Adminstration Trainning, Solarisis Adminstration Trainning

3) Blue Shell Security, Kaloor, Cochin

Blue Shell Security

Blue Shell Security

  • Phone/Mobile 9037828292
  •  Address/Locality No. 44/2201, 1st Floor, Honey Bhavan, Kaloor,Cochin – 682019
  •  Landmark Near St.Antony’s Church
  •  Contact Person Naveen
  •  Email
  •  Website
  •  Working Hours Monday – Sunday: 9 AM – 8.30 PM
  •  Courses:   Ethical hacking Training

4)Time Net Learning, Veekshanam Road, Cochin

  • Phone/Mobile: 9447722088
  •  Address/Locality No. 41/2208, 2nd Floor,Veekshanam Road,Cochin – 682018
  •  Landmark Opposite Veekshanam Daily
  •  Contact Person   Meera
  •  Email
  •  Website
  •  Working Hours  Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 8 PM
  •  Courses: Computer Networking Training, Ethical Hacking Training, Microsoft Training, Networking & Cisco Training



Although we have tried to bring Top Ethical hacking Coaching Institutes in Ernakulam through oureducation research and this research is conducted in Sep 2014 but by the time you decide to take decision in Top Ethical hacking Coaching Institutes in Ernakulam, teachers and management of coaching may change so for updated information please mail with contact number ( your number is safe with us) at our email id


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