Part 2 – Placement Criteria of top companies

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  1. Google– Google is the top search engine company which aims in providing best solutions to its clients. It is the dream company to work for most of us. Here we have brought Placement criteria of top companies and Google is one of them
  2. Syntel–  It is top company providing IT solutions and process outsourcing.It is the best IT company one could work with. It also recruits candidates from CS , elcetronics , management branch. Placement criteria of top companies
  3. Toshiba–  This company provides a simple solution to most of our problems.It is aimed to produce goods such as electronic material as well as household products.
  4. HAL– This is the company which works in manufacturing the various aerospace defence equipment for every aircraft.
  5. Bajaj– It is the top automobile company which has expanded its roots to different countries and occupies the top position when it comes in automobile industries and suites its self in list of top Indian companies
  6. Capgemini– It is the top class consulting and outsourcing company which provides one solution to your many problems in an efficient way.

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  7. Coca Cola– It is the top beverage company which has been known to the people since ages and still has maintained the same position.
  8. Prudential– It is the top financial and banking company which offers various products to its customers like life insurance, Annuities, Mutual funds Investment management ,retirement benefits and many more.
  9. Hon Hai Precision– It is a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company. Its provides joint design for global computers and mobiles with global partners all over the world.
  10. United Technology– It is the top IT company providing technology solution to its clients in form of web design, web development etc.
  11. Bharat petroleum– The world top petroleum producing corporation. It has been the long running companies who is known for its quality product and are also reliable.
  12. Air India– It is the best aviation industry offering top class services to its customers. It offers the best trusted flights in low cost and travelling becomes the treat for the passengers.
  13. Larsen and Turbo infotech– L&T has spread its network from a construction firm to an iT firm,which provides the customers with an effective IT infrastructure management in few easy techniques.
  14. Deloitte– It is a multinational firm which provides risk management, consultation and financial advisory to its various clients to solve their toughest problem easily ans stands among the top companies of the world.
  15. Canon– It is the company that has aimed to be top class when it comes for being best among the cameras.They manufacture top quality cameras and other photography equipments.

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5 Responses to Part 2 – Placement Criteria of top companies

  1. Seetha Manoharan says:

    this article is a good one to prepare ourself to the best company according to their requirement…..

  2. Dinesh says:

    Its a very useful as well as good post which combines the top list of companies so anyone can view the wide range of post to choose the best out of it..

    Its a good example for backlinks …

  3. Mrityunjay Kumar Singh says:

    Above consists the list of all the Top companies in World. This article will give you a short description of all the top rank companies.

  4. Malleshwaran Madhan says:

    Here the list of top companies and what the companies are. Make use of it

  5. Ritika Savita says:

    Given above is the list of the best companies’criteria that helps prepare a candidate to zero on anyone & prepare, accordingly.

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